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How do I get a separate link for each topic?

How do I create a separate URL link for each topic in my web help system? I need to be able to email a link to a specific topic to the users of my application?

Thank you!



The easiest way to link to a specific topic is linking to the topic's file.

You can use the following instructions to create such a link:

  1. Open your Web Help system in a browser program.
  2. In the Table of Contents, right-click on the topic to which you want to create a link.
  3. In the popup menu, click the appropriate command to copy the URL link to the Clipboard.
  4. Now you can simply share the copied link with others (press Ctrl+V to paste the URL to an email message, etc.).

You can also see this blog post that demonstrates how to get the link to a specific topic:


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