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Importing existing Web Help documentation to HelpSmith project

I have a Web Help system, but do not have the source .HSM help project.

Is it possible to import the topics, images, keywords, and other data from the existing help system to my HelpSmith project (.HSM)?



Using the Import feature

You can try to import topics from the "WebHelp\Topics" directory of your compiled Web Help system.

For more details on the Import feature, you can visit:


Editing imported document

Please note that in many cases an imported document requires to be edited manually to restore:

  • Text formatting
  • Templates
  • Keywords
  • Image filenames
  • etc.

For example:

While you can use templates in HelpSmith (in design-time), a compiled help system or document does not actually store any templates data.

Similarly, during the compilation process, HelpSmith can re-define image filenames to store the images properly in a specific output format, and/or create new image files (for example, for screenshot annotations), which are not needed in the source .HSM project.


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