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Search in Web Help: set "Phrase" option as default setting

I want the users of my Web Help system to have the "Phrase" search option instead of the "Any words" option (on the Search tab) for better search results.

Is it possible to select the "Phrase" mode as the default setting?



Currently HelpSmith does not have an option to change the default search mode.

As a solution, you can achieve that by including a custom JS/jQuery script for the "Web Help Layout" of your Web Help system.


We have written a sample script that selects the "Phrase" match mode as default option.

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#hs-navi-p #search-form #phrase').prop('checked', true);

You can include the "script.js" file (see the attachment below) to your help project at:

Project tab|Project Options|HTML Export|HTML Includes

For more details, you can also visit:


It works, thank you!


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