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Compiled help system does not display the topic titles?

When I compile my help project as a CHM file or Web Help system, it works fine, but when opening any topic, it does not display the topic's title.

What I am doing wrong?



When opening any topic, it does not display the topic's title

I assume that your help project does not contain a template with the #TopicTitle variable, so the current topic's title is not displayed in compiled documentation.



To add a new template:

  1. On the Project tab, in the "Topics & Templates" group, click on the lower half of the Add button (down-arrow icon).
  2. In the popup menu, click "Add Template".
  3. In the "Create As" box, select an existing template layout, such as "Modern Blue".
  4. In the "Use As Default Template" box, check to which output formats you want to apply the new template (for example: HTML Help (CHM), Web Help).
  5. Click OK.

For more details on using templates in HelpSmith, you can also visit:


It works, thank you!


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