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How to add Related Links associated by keywords?

I have a help project in which I want to add a Related Links section at the bottom of each topic.

My questions:

  • How do I setup a Related Links section to display topics associated by keywords?
  • Is it possible to apply these links to multiple topics?




How do I setup a Related Links section to display topics associated by keywords?

Using the Related Links feature

In HelpSmith, you can use the Related Links feature that allows you to generate a list of links using various options including:

  • Links to topics associated with Keywords.
  • Links to topics that belong to a specific parent TOC item.
  • Individual hyperlinks linking to topics, web pages, or external documents.
  • etc.

Step 1: Insert the Related Links placeholder into a template

The Related Links placeholder defines the place where you want to generate and display the list of links.

If you need to generate the Related Links section below each topic, you can simply insert the Related Links placeholder into the template.

Inserting the Related Links placeholder

  1. In the Project Manager, under the Templates node, select the template that you need.
  2. In the word processor, put the text cursor where you want to insert the placeholder.
  3. On the Insert tab, in the Placeholders group, click Related Links.

Remark: Please note that the default templates in a new help project already include the Related Links placeholder. However, for an existing help project created with earlier HelpSmith versions, you may need to insert it manually.


Is it possible to apply these links to multiple topics?

Step 2: Add Related Links for topics

On this step, you should define the links for one or multiple topics that will be displayed by the Related Links placeholder that we inserted on the previous step.

  1. In the Project Manager, select one or more topics that you need.
    (To select multiple topics, you can click on the topics while holding down the Ctrl key).
  2. In the Ribbon, on the View tab, click Related Links to view/edit the links of the selected topics.
  3. In the Related Links pane, in the toolbar, click Topics by Keywords.
  4. In the Topics by Keywords dialog, enter the keywords (one keyword per line) that you need.
  5. Click OK.

Editing Related Links of the selected topics

Remark: On the Related Links pane, you can also use other options if you need to add individual hyperlinks, display links to topics of a specific TOC node, etc.


Customization of the Related Links section

HelpSmith allows you to customize the generated Related Links section according to your needs.

For example, you can change the section's Title, the style of the horizontal line below the title, specify text styles used within the section, enable sorting for the links, etc.

  • To edit these settings, double-click on the Related Links placeholder in the topic or template.

For more details, you can visit this topic.


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