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What is the difference between Keywords and A-Keywords?

I've been using the HelpSmith help authoring tool to create help files and manuals for about a year.

I use Keywords to create the Index section of my help file, but wondering what is the difference between Keywords and A-Keywords?

Can you please provide an example of using A-Keywords?



Example of Using A-Keywords

You can find an example of using A-Keywords with an ALink macro hyperlink in the "Getting Started" help project.

In the topic "Creating Hyperlinks (50), you can find a "Related Topics" hyperlink.

When you click this hyperlink in the compiled CHM help system, it will display the list of related topics which are associated with the A-Keyword ("document objects") which is defined in the properties of this hyperlink.


On the Keywords pane, under the A-Keywords node, you can also find the "Document Objects" A-Keyword.

By editing properties of this A-Keyword (right-click, select Properties), you can see which topics are associated with this A-Keyword.


Thus, Keywords/K-Link macro and A-Keywords/A-Link macro are similar and can be used to add a "Related topics" hyperlink.

The difference between Keywords and A-Keywords:

While Keywords will appear on the Index tab in the CHM file, A-Keywords will not appear on the Index tab.


That makes sense. Thank you for explanation.


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