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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

Working on the same help project by a team

We are looking for a help authoring tool and your HelpSmith product seems to be a suitable solution for our company.

Is it possible for a team to work on the same project collaboratively?

This is an important feature for our use.



Collaboration with a version control system

Multiple users can work on a help project collaboratively by using a version control system, such as GitHub (Git), Subversion (SVN), etc.

A version control system makes it possible for a team to edit and merge the same project files, and then synchronize the changes in a single repository.


How can we setup a help project for teamwork?


How can we setup a help project for teamwork?

Using GitHub and GitHub Desktop

You can use GitHub and the official GitHub Desktop application (which you can download at:

With GitHub Desktop, you can easily create a new Git repository from the help project's folder, view changes to the files, commit and publish changes, and so on.

GitHub Desktop


Use the .HSMP format for your help project

Please note that to work on a help project by multiple users with a version control system, you should save your project (by clicking: File|Save As) in the unpacked .HSMP format.

Since the .HSMP format stores topics, templates, project settings, and other data in individual XML files, it makes your help project compatible with version control systems and other external tools.

You can learn more on HelpSmith's project formats here.


Thank you for clarifying this!


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