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Clickable hyperlinks in breadcrumbs

I have a Breadcrumb object in the template that applies to the topics in my .CHM help file and Web Help system that I'm creating with HelpSmith.

However, the Breadcrumb displays the path to the selected topic as regular text.

How can I enable clickable hyperlinks in the Breadcrumb's path, so the user of the help file can follow to the appropriate section?



While the Breadcrumbs object displays the location of the current topic in the TOC, the hyperlinks in the Breadcrumb path will work only if the parent TOC items are Topics.

In case the parent TOC items are Headings (i.e. TOC items without a document), they will be displayed as regular text in the breadcrumb path since it is impossible to create hyperlinks to headings.

As a solution, you can double-click on a Heading item in the Project Manager to change its type to Topic.


For more details on the TOC item types, you can also visit:


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