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Creating a help system on Mac

Can I use HelpSmith to create documentation on Mac?

Currently I'm using HelpSmith trial under Parallels on my Macbook Pro. But will the produced help files and documents work on a Mac?



HelpSmith is available as a Windows application only. However, we have users who use HelpSmith on Mac under Parallels.


Creating a Web Help system

Please note that a Web Help system generated with HelpSmith is a set of files including HTML, CSS, JS, and other files, so it should work in any modern web browser on any platform.

At the same time, since modern web browsers can apply security restrictions to local HTML/JS files, for a Web Help system to work properly it should be located and accessed from a web server (i.e. via http:// or https:// protocol).

Creating a PDF document

Also, you can use HelpSmith to create PDF documents that can be viewed in a PDF reader application on any platform.


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