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How to disable scaling of control images below the screenshot?

I'm using the HelpSmith's Image Tool to annotate screenshots of my application.

When I capture a screenshot, add annotations for controls, and then export the annotations into the topic, HelpSmith scales down the size of some sub-images for controls which are generated below the main screenshot image.

Is it possible to disable the scaling for the control images?



Is it possible to disable the scaling for the control images?

I assume this happens since you have the "Fit control images to size" option enabled.

To disable the images scaling:

  1. In the Image Tool, in the toolbar, click Image Properties.
  2. On the Export tab, uncheck the option "Fit control images to size".
  3. Click OK.

Image Tool Settings


Update the annotations in the topic

After changing that setting, update the control annotations in the topic:

  1. In the Image Tool window, ensure the option "Create or update control annotations in the document" is checked.
  2. Click OK.

Export control annotations to the topic


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