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How to update a screenshot in my help project?

In my HelpSmith project, I have a screenshot which is used in multiple topics.

How can I replace/update the screenshot image with a newer version?



To update a screenshot:

  1. However over the image, and click Edit Image to open it for editing in the Image Tool.
  2. In the Image Tool, on the toolbar, click Replace Image.

Update the screenshot through Media Repository

If you update an image by using the Replace Image button in the Image Tool, please note that:

  • The image will be updated only in the specific topic.
  • The updated image will be added as a new file to the Media Repository.

Therefore, the easiest way to update an existing image (screenshot) is to replace the image file directly in the Media Repository:

Project|Project Objects|Media Repository

In this case, the image will be updated in all the topics where it is used.


How to update an existing image file in the Media Repository:

  1. On the Project tab, click Project Objects|Media Repository.
  2. In the Project Media window, find and select the image file that you want to update with a newer version.
  3. On the toolbar, click Replace if you want to replace the selected image by loading an image from a file. Alternatively, you can click Edit to capture a new screenshot that will replace the selected file.
  4. Click Close.

Updating an Image File in the Media Repository


Adjust annotation objects on an updated image

Please note that after you have updated an image file, you may also need to adjust the positions of annotations, hotspots, and other objects located on the appropriate image objects in the topics.

If necessary, you can use the HelpSmith's Go To (press: Ctrl+G) feature that allows you to find images in topics by a specific filename.


Thank you for your help!


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