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How to edit the "Send comments" link?

In our web help system, we have a "Send comments on this topic" link in the top-right corner of each topic. It works fine, but I need to change the email address to which the email messages will be sent.

How do I edit this link?



I need to change the email address to which the email messages will be sent.

How to edit the "Send comments" hyperlink

You can specify the desired email address by editing this hyperlink in your help project:

  1. In the Project Manager, under the Templates node, select the appropriate template which contains the "Send comments" hyperlink.
  2. In the text editor, double-click on the hyperlink to edit its properties.
  3. In the Edit Hyperlink dialog, set the desired hyperlink settings.
  4. Click OK.

Editing the Send Comments hyperlink a template

For more information on using templates in HelpSmith, you can visit this guide.


Editing properties of the Send Comments hyperlink

The "Send comments" hyperlink should have the "Email Address" type, which can be selected in the left side in the Edit Hyperlink dialog.

When the user clicks on such a hyperlink in the compiled help system, it will open the link in the default email client program.

Editing properties of a hyperlink

In the Email address box, you can specify the email who will receive the email messages from the users of the help system.

In the Subject box, you can specify the Subject line like "Comments on topic "%#TopicTitle%".

Remark: Please note that since the Subject field contains the #TopicTitle variable, it will be replaced by the actual topic's title. As a result, when the user sends a message on a specific topic, you will be able to easily identify the topic that they want to discuss.


Sample help project

In HelpSmith, you can find a sample help project that contains a "Send comments" hyperlink, which is available at:
File|Help|Sample Projects|HelpSmith Help

In the help project, in the Project Manager pane, under the Templates node, see the "HTML Help" and "Web Help" templates.


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