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Limitations of HelpSmith trial version

While I'm evaluating help authoring tools to use for my application's help file, I have a couple of questions on HelpSmith:

  • What are the trial limitations of the HelpSmith trial version?
  • If I create a help project with the trial, will I be able to continue working on it after purchasing a license?

Thank you.



What are the trial limitations of the HelpSmith trial version?

Hi Paul,

Currently the HelpSmith trial version does not limit the period during which you can use it for evaluation purposes.

The limitations of the trial version are as follows:

  • It is not possible to save a help project which contains 5 or more topics.
  • An "unregistered notice" is inserted into each topic in compiled documentation.
  • A watermark is added to all images in the compiled help file.

Regarding other features:

In HelpSmith trial, you can test any other functionality without trial limitations.

Also you can find sample help projects which you can edit and compile for evaluation. The sample help projects are available on the Start Page in HelpSmith, or through the menu at: File|Help|Sample Projects


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