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How to add a border around an image?

I'm using Helpsmith to create documentation for my app.

Q: Does HelpSmith allow adding a border around an image in a topic?



Does HelpSmith allow adding a border around an image in a topic?

Adding a border with the Image Tool

You can add a border to an image by using the HelpSmith's Image Tool:

  1. In the topic editor, hover the mouse over the image, and click the Edit Image button which appears in the top-left corner.
  2. In the Image Tool, in the left toolbar, click Add Shape.
  3. In the Add Shape dialog, in the Shape Color box, select Transparent color.
  4. In the Outline Color box, select the border color that you need.
  5. In the Outline Width box, specify the border width that you need.
  6. On the Shadow tab, uncheck the Draw shadow option.
  7. Click OK.

image description here

For more details on adding and positioning annotations, you can visit:

Remark: This solution will work in all output formats including HTML Help (CHM), Web Help, ePub, Printed Manual, and PDF.


Adding a border by using a custom CSS file

Alternatively, it is also possible to use a custom CSS file that will add a border for all images, or only for a specific image.

For example:

img {
    border: solid 2px red;

For more details on including a custom CSS file, you can visit:

Remark: Please note that CSS styles will only work in HTML-based output formats, such as HTML Help (CHM), Web Help, ePub, but not in Printed Manual and PDF formats.


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