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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

Multi Language Projects

Do you have tips how we could set up 2 Language projects (German / English). Does HelpSmith support such projects, which should be equal in the topis, but have different languages.

Thank you for your help.



Translation of a help project into a different language

To translate a help project into a different language, you should create a copy of the original help project.

Thus, in the project copy, you will be able to translate:

  • Titles of TOC items;
  • Texts of topics;
  • Screenshots;
  • Other texts.

To create a project copy, you can save the original help project to a different directory by using the File|Save As command.

For more details, you can also see this topic:


Synchronizing a translated help project

When the original help project (e.g. written in English) has new topics, you can import these topics into a translated help project by using the Project Synchronization feature which you can find in the Project Merge tool (File|Merge):

  1. In HelpSmith, open a translated help project which you need to synchronize.
  2. On the File tab, click Merge.
  3. Find and select the original help project, then click Open.
  4. In the Project Merge window, on the toolbar, click the "Synchronize destination project" button.
  5. In the Synchronize Project dialog, specify settings that you need.
  6. Click OK.

Project Synchronization

For more details on the Project Synchronization feature, visit this topic.


Using topic statuses to mark imported topics

The Project Merge tool (File|Merge) also allows you to mark topics with different statuses and colors.

Mark imported topics

This option makes it possible for you to identify newly added topics, updated (replaced) topics, and the outdated topics which no longer exist in the original help project.


Thanks to all


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