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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

How to integrate help system with .NET app?

We are using HelpSmith to create documentation for our desktop software. Q: How can we integrate the generated help system with our .NET application?
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Copy topics from another HelpSmith project?

Is it possible to copy topics between different HelpSmith projects? For example, I would like to copy topics to my current help project from another project. Please advise.
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How to fit content to a printed page in PDF?

When I generate a CHM file or Web Help system, the topics appear normally. But when generating a Printed Manual or PDF documentation, if a topic is longer than the height of the page, its content is cut off at the bottom of the page. Please advise how I can fix this issue? PS: BTW, I checked the HelpSmith's sample projects, and it seems to work [...]
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How to capture application menu by using the Image Tool?

I'm using HelpSmith's Image Tool to produce a help file for my application. The Capture Controls option works fine and I can add control annotations for buttons, text boxes, and other controls. Q: Is it possible to capture a menu in my application to generate a topic for it?
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How to publish a Web Help system?

I've downloaded your HelpSmith software to create our online documentation which can be accessed by other people. Currently we have some questions on documentation publishing: Can we publish a generated Web Help system on our website? How can we publish a Web Help system for use within our organization? Is it possible to link to a specific top [...]
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How to change page settings in PDF manual?

We have a HelpSmith project that we use to produce our web-based help system, and it works just fine. When we generate a PDF manual, we need to change some page settings, such as page size, margins, etc. The Page Properties button in the toolbar does not seem to work. Q: How can we change the PDF's page settings?
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Editing a help project by multiple users

If we use HelpSmith Terminal Server Edition with floating licenses, will it be possible to edit the same help project by multiple users?
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HelpSmith Demo?

I'm looking for a help authoring tool that can be recommended for use in our company. Q: Can I have a HelpSmith demo version for evaluation? Thank you!
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How to translate a help project into other languages?

We created a help file with HelpSmith that we plan to translate into other languages. In the help project, we need to translate TOC titles, content of help topics, texts in screenshots, texts in image annotations, keywords, and other texts. Can you provide more information on the translation capabilities: Is it possible to translate texts in t [...]
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How to open a specific topic in a help system?

We need to create a help system for our product. Is it possible to open a specific topic in the help system from a specific page in our application?
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